Yoni Steam Circle

The text below is written by the Goddess
Petra Belluzzo,
who is accredited in Yoni Steam. 
And together we hold Yoni Steam Circles.
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Sister, Goddess, Priestess, Woman,

You are the Gateway to existence.

All life begins within

your sacred womb.

Welcome Sisters, welcome to the healing & sacred ceremony of Yoni Steam.

Yoni Steam is a powerful ancient ritual, practiced by many traditions around the world. This profound ritual is a gateway for purification of our womb and body. This spiritual ritual is also a gateway to connect us with the essence of being a woman.

Through the warm steam the essence and the spirit of flowers and medicinal plants enter our body through the portal of our Yoni (Vagina), purifying our Womb (uterus), cleansing, healing, activating our right to feel pleasure and guiding us to remember our true essence, our feminine essence, our raw and real essence.

~Returning to our Womb~

Our Womb is the most sacred and powerful energy portal in our physical body.

Our Womb is the Sacred Chalice, the portal to the mystery of life, where human life begins. It is in our Womb that we hold our fertility, our power to create, our ability to manifest our purpose into reality. It is in our Uterus where we connect with our own and unique medicine and where we birth miracles into reality.

The wisdom of our womb connects us with our ancestors. It is in our womb where everything, where life was created and will always be created.


~The Awakening~

Yoni steam is a powerful way ritual that comes with infinite healing, gifts and benefits.

The ritual of welcoming the essence of flowers and herbs through our Yoni into our Womb supports:

  • Blood circulation, especially in the area of our reproductive organs;

  • Supports Fertility;

  • Helps regulating our menstrual cycle;

  • Helps alleviating menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms;

  • Helps understanding the root cause of PMS, menstrual cramps, guiding you into a journey of clarity, understanding and healing;

  • Clean and Purify the Uterus & helps to release toxins in the reproductive organs and in the whole body.

  • Supports us in the process of release womb memories and traumas that do not support us

  • Supports in the treatment of endometrioses, PCOS and many other conditions related to women’s health;

  • Dissolves cysts & fibroids;

  • Helps the physical and emotional body to recover from birth, abortion or any other pelvic procedure or trauma;

  • Creates a deep state of relaxation and self nourishment;

  • Cleans and purifies the skin

  • Releases muscle tension

  • Improves sleep

  • Supports us to reconnect with our power to create

  • and so much more

If you feel called to embrace this beautiful ritual into your life, I am currently offering:

  • Online appointment;

  • In person appointment for Northern Beaches based sisters. (At clients home);

  • Medicinal Plants Blend - individually chosen for individual intentions and needs;

  • Sacred Yoni Steam Circles

So looking forward to sharing this ancient ritual with you all,

Magic and Love,



Our ceremony will be guided by Petra Belluzzo & Marcia Kothe.

Together we will connect, meditate, sing, pray, enter our wombs through the ritual of Yoni Steam and honour each other.


Saturday 20th of February


Doors open at 615pm, our Circle will start at 630pm sharp. Finishing time: 730pm


2/2 Wattle Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100


Our sisters participating on the Earth Women Journey 2021

can attend the event free of charge.





  • Please wear a long dress or a long skirt

  • Please bring socks

  • Please bring a light & warm blanket

  • Please wear warm and comfortable top/shirt

  • Please bring a small & flat desert plate

  • Cushions will be provided, however if you suffer from any knee discomfort we recommend you to bring extra padding for your knees. If you suffer from any knee or ankle injury please let us know.

  • Any allergy to plants & herbs advise us during your booking.

If you have any question regarding the Ritual of Yoni Steam or regarding our ceremony do not hesitate to contact us.



  • You are pregnant

  • If you are breastfeed

  • If you are menstruating we encourage you to rest and join us in our next circle

  • If you are experiencing excess bleeding (if you are bleeding more than once a month for the past 3 months, if you experience really heavy and intense menstrual cycle and if you have endometriosis) If you have endometriosis please contact us for more details.

  • If you regularly experience or if you are experiencing the presence of any infection including urinary tract infection, candidiasis or other genital infection. We can use different & natural methods to treat this, however Yoni Steam is not recommended. Once infection is treated and gone you are welcome to join us.

  • If you have any open wound in the vulva, cervix, uterus area. If you are experiencing any sensitivity like burning or strong itchy feeling in the vulva. We can use different & natural methods to treat this, however Yoni Steam is not recommended. Once any open wound is treated and gone you are welcome to join us.

  • If you ARE trying to conceive please AVOID Yoni Steam after your ovulation period. If you are trying to conceive you can join us before your ovulation period.

  • If you have any contraceptive implant in your arm. Contraceptive arm implants thickens cervix mucus to stop conception. Yoni Steam cleanses the mucus which can affect the effectiveness of the contraceptive.

Cancellation Policy:
We understand that occasionally something unforeseen happens and you may need to cancel your booking.
*Please understand that NO REFUND will be provided with any cancelation unless your spot is filled*


Please understand that Yoni Steam is a complementary treatment that helps cleansing emotional memories anchored in Uterus, this treatment will affect the physical body. In some cases the effects will be experienced soon after the session however it can happen a few days later or gradually along a period of time. Please understand that Yoni Steam has been part of female ritual, practiced by many of our ancestors as a way of finding balance and harmony within the physical and emotional body.

The information and content available here is intended for informational purposes only. As mentioned Yoni Steam is a complimentary treatment. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat or cure any disease or condition. Individuals should consult a qualified gynaecologist or a health care provider for medical advice. The user assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this information.

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Artwork by @lalunailustra