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   If you want to kick start the art of being present, getting all the answers you have regarding meditation, receiving all the support you need, this is for you! Nothing better then daily practice for a long period of time to establish a healthy habit, that will redirect your life as you desire.


   If you see the world around you is drastically changing and you are craving to live a different life yourself, take this opportunity to make it happen indeed.


    It is widely known that change happens inside out, and the time is now! To establish a new habit you need to give yourself time, this is why we will walk the months of June, July and August together, creating a more authentic foundation of being so you can not only have more clarity, but unlock your genius and start the new decade sovereign of your own choices.


   With the help of teachers, the right practice and the group coming together in this immersion you will feel the support needed to create change and live a more fulfilling life.

    Every week you will receive the meditation video practice for that week, which will be an incremental learning from week to week. Also, there will be a quick introduction to each video.

    With the meditation video you will be able to practice everyday, and it is important to commit to the daily practice to receive the life changing benefits of meditation explained above.

    AND every second week you will receive a pre recorded session of a SPECIAL GUEST to inspire and spoil you in your inner journey!
























The investment for the 13 Week Meditation Immersion is $397.



Aline Lage- Spiritual Coach & Sound Healing

Petra Belluzzo- Yoga Teacher

Marcia Maydana & Carine Davey- Psychologists

Warren Carey- life long meditator &

didgeridoo player

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