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Beloved community, it is an honour to be in service to You.

Straight to the point-

Passionate for Spiritual evolution on Earth, I sought to know the ego and the soul levels within me through many avenues and therefore help others through the eyes of spirituality, seeing life beyond the veil of illusion. First I got to know the physical body and after how the emotions and thoughts work and how they affect the body, and how that is imprinted in the soul. And most importantly, how to heal that imprint.

  • Overseas Physiotherapy Degree (not valid in Australia) 2005

  • Reiki Master and Teacher 2008

  • Kinesiology Diploma 2010

  • Meditation Teacher 2017

  • Spiritual Retreat Facilitator 2018- Australia & Nepal

  • YogaCoach with Mark Breadner 2020

  • Akashic Records Reading Practitioner with Linda Howe 2021

By my community, I'm known as Marcia the Reiki Healer. I'm very humbled about that, as the light that flows through me touches many hearts, healing sorrow and connecting people to their own light and Higher Self. This is how they access their own wisdom, getting the answers and clarity they are after! In reality I just hold a huge mirror so you can see the light that you are!

Whole Story-

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in Brazil in 2005 and moved to Sydney just a month after my graduation. I was introduced to the Spirit world through the light of Reiki in 2008, and since then my life turned into ever evolving awareness of self. 

In 2010 I started studying Holistic Kinesiology at the College of Complementary Medicine - NSW - Australia. I reached for this course, because I often felt frustrated as a physio, treating chronic illnesses that would not respond to conventional treatments. Kinesiology gave me the psychosomatic perspective of the different conditions, that is, the emotional side of a physical illness. I have also delved deep into the emotional realm through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Essential Oils.

Latter on, in the search for deeper understanding of life, I got into the path of plant medicine, which was ground breaking into my awareness of being a woman carrying the imprisoning believes of the patriarcal dictations within me. In my blindness, I used to think the oppression was coming from men, society, institutions, but no!!! It was ingrained deeeeeep in my own being. I was the one that unconsciously sought to be the good girl, the perfect wife, the little cute daughter for my family, .... lost in all those false identities, I carried a big empty hole inside myself that I was unaware, and in this ignorance I blamed the world around me. The amazing healing ways of plant medicine showed me who I really AM, the soul, the light within, the lighthouse within. 

And in 2019 I started to study Yoga philosophy, with the legendary Mark Breadner from YogaCoach. He himself went to India and Tibet and studied with powerful yogis, bringing his experience into knowledge, using the transformative yogic meditation and breathing exercises to heal traumas and karmic wounds.

To add to it all, in 2021 I decided to invest my time to study and experience the Akashic Records with Linda Howe. It was a super special experience because I fell pregnant through the course, and realised how much of a portal I became when baring a child, so special!

Passionate about holistic health, I have acquired knowledge plus direct experience to provide the best integration of body-mind-spirit therapy to apply according to your own needs.

Over the years, I also became a meditation teacher and facilitate Spiritual Retreats in Australia and overseas.

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Cristina Berrios,
Yoga Instructor

I had been receiving Reiki from Marcia for a number of years before our first distant healing session. I have to admit that I wasn't quite sure if I would feel anything and to my great surprise the distance healing was just as powerful as face to face.

Marcia's ability to hold space and channel exactly what you need for the session is absolutely one of a kind.

I am forever grateful for all the healing support over the past 10 years.

If you are considering distance healing with Marcia please do yourself a favor and book it now.

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Darryl Bishop,
Business Owner

There are moments in one's life that strike a chord. My reiki sessions with Marcia are one. She is so connected powerful and real. Everybody should  experience this spiritual connection. Try her distant session. It is just as good. You will not be disappointed. I cannot recommend anybody more than Marcia.

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Katia Balko,
ICMS Student Engagement & Administration Officer

Marcia's reiki sessions are a dream come through! I work in a high-stress corporate environment and study at the same time. After a while, the consequences of the constant hustle with no breaks up caught up to me. This was a wake-up call that I needed to switch things up. Marcia picked up on this and reset me! She aligned my chakras and cleared me to receive all the peace and abundance around me. I could tell from our interactions that her life purpose is to heal others.

I really love her energy, she’s so warm and loving. I’m feeling a lot more focused and relaxed.

Marcia is a beautiful soul, she will gently guide you to wherever you need to be, you just have to be willing. If you’re looking for a guidance or healing, let her be the messenger for you.

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Angela Da Silva,
Reiki Master

I received distant Reiki from Marcia when facing a hard time last year mentally & emotionally.  Her sessions helped me to shift from fear to acceptance, which gave me the inner strength and confidence to change my reality. Thank you Marcia for your incredible gift.

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