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Spiritual Education is an all encompassing system for you to know the Whole You.

It's like going to school, and the classroom is your own body, your own emotions, thoughts, actions in the past and now. First we need to know where we are at. Looking in the mirror, what you've been experiencing in your life? How does that make you feel?  Second step is to create space to express what you see in the mirror, combined with the understanding of hormones behind emotions and thoughts, the ego mind and survival mode. That knowledge, sometimes, can make it easier to let go of the past, detach of pre conceived expectations of yourself, of your career, status, relationships... And slowly getting closer to a key element in healing and getting back to wholeness, forgiveness.

So the first stage is to be open to surrender, heal and receive.

Second stage of Spiritual school is to connect to the Inner Fountain of Love, to know, to feel You are the Fountain! You are an incredible energy being, with an amazing default system made to work perfectly in your favour! Wow! Is this real?? Absolutely YES! It is like a computer, when you know how to use it, it does wonders, but if you don't, it's just a piece of junk!  

All life experiences are precious jewels, like signs on the road, showing us OUR OWN way! This is the start of getting to know your inner computer system. This is Spiritual Education, is feeling life, understanding how it works, being present in the moment, accepting what is being experienced and ultimately, surrendering to The Great Mystery.

What I've written here is my own self discovery through the years, and the wisdom I bring to every Reiki session, which gives you the power to know your computer system and create a life of Sovereignty
and Freedom

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Flavia Borine
Sydney, Australia

Reiki with Marcia opened many new doors for me on emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.

This profoundly changed my life. Not only have I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the unconditional love of the universe in myself, but I have witnessed it in others too.

I have now the ability to free myself from peeling up the useless, everyday, meaningless problems that stop us from seeing the bigger picture and fulfilling our spiritual potential.

For all of us, when we start on this path of healing and love, we are free!

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Angela Alves
Sydney, Australia

I've been doing Reiki sessions with Marcia for over 10 years and I can't thank her enough as it has helped me to go through difficult times in my life. With the sessions and Marcia's guidance, I've learned how to keep my chakras balanced which helped me to be patient, to listen more to my heart and my intuition, to keep my inner peace, to don't let the day to day impact my energy, my happiness, to develop more my spirituality and all this lead to me having more focus and clarity of the decisions I needed to make and what direction to take in my life. I strongly recommend Reiki sessions with Marcia. She is just amazing.

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Angela da Silva
Wamberal, Australia

I received distant Reiki from Marcia when facing a hard time last year mentally & emotionally.  Her sessions helped me to shift from fear to acceptance, which gave me the inner strength and confidence to change my reality. Thank you Marcia for your incredible gift.

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Grazielle Chiappetti
Sydney, Australia

Each time I go to  Marcia’s Reiki session I feel a sense of calm and healing. Marcia is highly experienced and creative, packing a lot into each session and making it a unique, relaxing and effective experience. I decided to studied my refresh Reiki Master course with Marcia because I believe 100% in her professionalism and love in carrying out her work. She helped me to improve my career giving me the power of believing in myself and my intuition. She way more then a Reiki practitioner, she is my soul sister for healing, using a tool called Reiki.

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Clarice Toscani, 
New Plymouth, New Zealand

My son has done eight month Distant Reiki treatment with Marcia, once a week. She is an amazing reiki practitioner. Very professional, genuine and in tune with the energy she is working with. You can really feel the benefit of every session. She has an incredible gift of clairvoyance where she always bring intuitive messages the work done on the end of each session which are spot on. My two and a half old son had a tube feed for 18 months. Marcia told me she could see him completely tube free, playing and eating normally like any other child in one of the healing sessions and this is exactly what has happened after 6 months…

Couldn’t recommend her more.

Worth every penny.

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Mariana Sharpe, 
Sydney, Australia

I have only amazing things to say about Marcia's healing treatments. I have participated in retreats and Reiki courses as well as meditation groups. Marcia always showed her ability to connect with people's spirits with empathy and love, and that's how I see healing happens. She changed my life, I highly recommend her.

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Kyle Jenkinson,
Sydney, Australia

Marcia has a gift and a very big heart! The reiki healings helped me immensely in a very low and confusing period of my life. And I was blown away at what she tuned into on distance healing reiki sessions without knowing anything about me. She nailed exactly everything I was feeling at the time in bizarre detail. And the voice message after the healing is full of helpful insights, wise advice and a general feeling of warmth, kindness and support. The recording is great to go back to and listen over if you feel the need. Aside from her skills, she also genuinely cares deeply for her clients.

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